Dirt in the carpet washing process is a very important step that must necessarily be done before starting the rinse. During the tillage process, the dust is dusted and the deposition of detergent from the previously inadequate washings is removed from the carpet roots of the carpet.
To improve the quality of carpet washing, the soil tillage stage is very effective. Flattened carpet roots can hardly be removed from the carpet in the process of washing, so if the soil is not done, the carpet will be decayed over time.
The grinding machine consists of a deadly axis that pulls the carpet into the machine and two axes that are fitted with metal knuckles. When the carpet enters the machine, the standard and uniform impact shafts enter both sides of the carpet (back and forth) and remove all the dirt and particles that are collected in the depths and the carpet nodes.


High work speed (1000 square meters per hour)
Removing the disadvantages of old devices on the market
The use of die-casting molds with standard molded and standard die-casting dowels (old knuckles made of bent steel), which can be damaged by carpet wearing over time and wear.
Use of stronger bearings that require less lubrication
A year of warranty and fifteen years of after-sales service that is considered for all devices of the Pazirik Company is also available to the customer as a notarial contract.