Polisher machines are made in two different types with completely different functions. The first type of polishers are using dice shaped brushes and the engine is mounted perpendicular to the brush. These polishers are made in a variety of single, double, three, or four times. The second type of polisher is that the brushes are cylindrically and perpendicular to the main axis of the machine and are rolled into the washing process.
The polisher will improve the quality and speed of carpet washing in a satisfactory manner. How it works is that the Polisher operator moves on a carpet that has already been soaked and washed with detergents so that the Polisher can produce the floor by washing the process.
At present, the polisher produced by Pazirik is of a roller type. The rinsing process with roller brushes resembles a woman's flush wash system, and in fact, small-sized brush cuttings, such as whipping on a woman's whip, make water and detergent in the carpet. The roller brush roller is in contrast to the plate brushes parallel to the carpet mousse and can therefore perform a rinse operation in a deep, non-ruby surface.


• Ability to penetrate the depth of the carpet and eliminate contamination
• Do not disassemble the carpet's role and arrange the carpets
• Use a roller brush with a width of 70 cm and the possibility of charging brushes
• Simplicity and lack of basic training for use
• Use Teflon sheet for brush cover instead of metal sheets and remove corrosion and decay of the cover.
• Powerful 5,5-horsepower power electromotor
• Wheel bearings and rubber wheels
• For greater strength and the possibility of painting in the chassis, a U-shaped profile is used instead of a square profile
• Ability to adjust the height and level of engagement with the carpet in the simplest possible way
• Use CK alloy for central shaft for more resistance to corrosion and rust
• Apex wear resistant paint
• Two-way switch for operator speed
• One year Garrett and after-sales service