The flogging device is a machine that has semi-automatic carpet washing. The operator moves the semi-automatic devices to the carpet to process the carpet washing. The female whipping device includes a pivot on which rubber strips are embedded and applied on the carpet during successive blows. These blows the water and detergent in the carpet texture, which ultimately eliminates contamination and stains. Unfortunately, due to the superficiality and the manufacture of non-quality quality flogging by some manufacturers, this machine, which is one of the oldest and most common washing machines in carpets, is considered as a traditional and inefficient device. Pazirik Company has provided the market with the following advantages by identifying and fixing problems in the devices on the market.


• The use of an electromotor with a power of 7.5 hp • High speed washing • Component strength • Teflon cover to prevent corrosion • Polyester wheels • For greater strength and the possibility of staining inside the chassis from U profile to profile instead of profile Square • Use of CK alloy for central shaft for more resistance to corrosion and rust • Two-way key for speeding up operator operations • Apax abrasion and waterproof paint • One year warranty and Fifteen years after-sale service