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About Us

Whatever you want to know about us:

Pooya Pazirik Isatis is a knowledge based firm founded by a group of experienced experts in cooperation with a number of university professors in the field. Its main mission is to preserve carpets and rugs, Iranian invaluable cultural asset, while industrializing carpet cleaning companies and improving efficiency as well as washing quality. In order to achieve this highly important goal, the company has taken huge steps in manufacturing modernized high-tech, high-speed rug and carpet washing machinery.

Pouya Pazirik Isatis Company

The only representative of Iran at one the most prestigious international exhibitions in laundry industry:

Texcare International - Messe Frankfurt

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Decrease the time of dewatering


Increased volume of dewatering


Low power consumption


Easy maintenance


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Carpet Centrifuge Wringer


Pooya Pazirik Isatis has designed and produced wide range of centrifuge wringers with different sizes and rotating speeds. For the first time ever in the world, the company made a breakthrough by manufacturing 3000 rpm centrifuge wringer with more than 95% dewatering power, which holds world record for its high speed. Thanks to the very high spinning speed, there would remain very little amount of water in carpet and as a result, very short time is needed to get the carpet completely dry. This unique advantage is very important specially for rainy and humid regions, wherein the carpet drying time is a big problem.

Lidless Centrifuge Wringer 3000 rpm Centrifuge Wringer

Automatic Vibrating Carpet Washing Machine

Pooya Pazirik Isatis has designed and manufactured an innovative automatic machine that uses an exclusive technology for washing carpets. Rather than rotating scrubbers used in all currently available machines, for the first time ever in the world, this machine uses high frequency vibrating brushes to take the deep dirt out of the carpet. This unique technology increases the cleaning efficiency compared to other washing methods. The main advantages of this machine are as followed:

  • Extremely High quality, deep vibrating cleaning process
  • Eliminated rotating scrubbers which could damage the carpet fiber
  • Automatically adjusting for various carpet thicknesses
  • High speed washing process, up to 60 carpets per hour
  • Ability to wash all kinds of carpets including hand woven and old carpets
  • Thoroughly rigid and highly efficient due to the robust machine parts
  • Long working anti-corrosion parts
  • Easily replaceable parts for easy maintenance
  • Smart electrical control of the machine
  • Carpet lint remover
  • Washing back of the carpet
  • High pressure carpet rinsing

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